Laser Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Cosmetic Gynecology is an application that has attracted a lot of attention all over the world, especially in the last 10 years. With the use of laser technology in the gynecological field, many women have started to get satisfactory results in terms of providing a non-surgical solution to their problems. Therefore, surgical treatments are now seen as a last resort.

In recent years, with the use of laser technology in the gynecological field, satisfactory results have started to be obtained in terms of providing non-surgical solutions to many problems. Laser has become the first choice in cases such as laughing, coughing, heavy lifting, which increase intra-abdominal pressure and cause urinary incontinence due to sagging of the bladder neck, because it can be applied without surgery, the person can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure, the complications of surgeries are not present in laser and it does not cause obstacles in those who plan to give birth in the future. Surgical treatments are now seen as the last resort.


Recurrent infections are also treated with laser therapy

Thanks to the laser applied into the vagina, loosening in the vagina, skin deterioration, negative changes due to menopause, recurrent vaginal infections, vaginal dryness due to menopause can be treated, as well as urinary incontinence due to loosening. When the vagina, which becomes open to infections due to enlargement and deterioration of its anatomical structure, is corrected with laser treatment, recurrent infections are also treated. In addition, this enlargement can cause negativities in the sexual life of people and non-surgical laser applications are in the first place as a solution. In laser treatments with extremely high patient satisfaction, repeated sessions may be required depending on the collagen structure that may vary according to the person.


As bladder neck prolapse is treated, the problem of urinary incontinence is also solved.

In the laser procedure, the subcutaneous collagen tissue is stimulated and the connective structure of the tissue is strengthened. The vagina reaches its normal structure. The increase in collagen tissue thickens the subcutaneous collagen in the vagina and narrowing occurs. Likewise, when the increase in this collagen tissue is applied to the bladder neck and urine outlet area, the problem of urinary incontinence is also solved as bladder neck sagging due to tissue relaxation is treated.


Other causes of urinary incontinence should also be investigated

Loss of collagen in the vagina may be due to diseases, genetic structure, births, smoking, menopause and other hormonal changes, diabetes and some similar systemic diseases. In order to treat urinary incontinence with laser, other causes of urinary incontinence other than urinary incontinence due to tissue sagging should be investigated and treatment should be planned for them, if any.


Weight problems and chronic diseases must also be controlled!

Treatment steps such as weight control, treatment of chronic diseases, correction of urological problems, treatment of infections, hormone replacement in menopausal patients, discontinuation of contraindicated drugs, solution of neurological problems are also provided as a result of a wide range of treatment steps.


You should consult your doctor to choose the most suitable treatment for you

Laser treatments are also used in gynecology in the treatment of cervical wounds, vaginal and skin rejuvenation, some skin diseases such as scleroderma, recurrent vaginal inflammations, pregnancy-related stretch marks, birth and suture scars, outer lip aesthetics and bleaching, genital pain (vulvodynia). Laser treatments can be used in addition to surgeries or in combination with other treatment methods such as PRP, depending on the necessity of the person.